Nerve stimulator Micromar

Nerve stimulator Micromar

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The Micromar Neurostimulation System provides safety and accuracy. Endowed with modern technology, it guarantees complete control of all stimulation parameters, in addition to being light, compact and rechargeable. Its digital display of easy visualization and the exclusive Function Selector (FS) screen provide intuitive control of stimulation parameters, allowing for the navigation to be fast and functional, which is ideal for applications such as: · Cortical mapping procedures; · Selective localization of nerves; · Tumoral recession; · Stimulation of peripheral nerves. It also has an exclusive Pulsensor System that measures the dynamic values of the pulse circulation, continuously comparing them to the parameters that were previously adjusted in your display. In addition, the system constantly emits a sound that indicates the circulation of the current throughout the tissue, which is automatically interrupted if it does not occur. The Micromar Neurostimulator includes several models of high-end bipolar electrodes, which were developed to facilitate and aid in all surgical applications that demand stimulation.
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