Cranial perforator EasyDrill Micromar

Cranial perforator EasyDrill Micromar

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The Micromar EasyDrill Auto Stop Cranial Perforators combine technology with convenience, guaranteeing a safe neurosurgical intervention. The variety of models allows for use in all kinds of cranial surfaces and density, meeting all medical expectations and needs during trepanations. Its sharp cut allows for quick and soft perforations. Its action mechanism consists in the automatic interruption of its operation if it does not find bone resistance, guaranteeing the Dura Mater?s integrity. Compatible with most craniotomes in the market, the Micromar Auto Stop Cranial Perforators were designed to reduce the generation of temperature during the perforation. Its line is differentiated by colors, and the range of sizes allows for several different uses: pediatric or adult, on smooth or uneven surfaces, in cranial densities of 1.5mm or 3mm, and internal diameters of 6mm, 7mm or 11mm. In compliance with Micromar?s strict quality standards, all drills are previously tested at the factory individually, thus guaranteeing a perfect functioning during the surgery. With unitary and sterile packaging, they are essential for procedures that require accuracy and safety.
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