Stereotactic frame Aimsystem Micromar

Stereotactic frame Aimsystem Micromar

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Aimsystem is the most complete and versatile Stereotactic System in the market. It is ideal for stereotactic surgeries of all kinds. The equipment provides reach to all cranial regions without restrictions, always offering maximum flexibility to your procedures. The system is isocentric and provides a broad range of options for the neurosurgeon to chose among several combinations of angles to reach, without the need to change the stereotactic coordinates, always guaranteeing the best way to reach the target. It is fully compatible with Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Digital Angiography, and includes a centralized aim system to control and place electrodes and measure targets. It can also be placed on the patient with 3 or 4 fixation points, directly in the frame or with the use of extension posts. Download the product catalogue and get to know the several devices, accessories and benefits of the Aimsystem Stereotactic System. It is complete for your needs, serving from applications in the fields of General and Diagnostic Neurosurgery (biopsies) to the most precise procedures in the areas of Therapeutic and Functional Neurosurgery. Micromar also has a large line of cannulas for stereotactic procedures such as Biopsy, Evacuation of Hematomas and Cysts, Guided Surgery, Implementation of deep electrodes (DBS), Catheters and Probe placement, and Neuroendoscopy. Please refer to the descriptive catalogue of Stereotactic Sets to get more information about the kits.
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