Stabilometric platform Libra, Libra Plus Easytech

Stabilometric platform Libra, Libra Plus Easytech
Libra, Libra Plus

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This device is an electronic swing table with modifiable radius for proprioceptive prevention, rehabilitation and training. This is a light service which has a big non-slip surface and proffers three different oscillating radiuses, along with programmable feedback and testing modes and video games to stimulate the patient. Libra is helpful both to perk up sport results and to recuperate and control more successfully daily motions as it necessitates patients to apply precise forces and harmonize movements. It is mainly helpful to avert the risk of relapses. Libra Plus also facilitates to execute a worldwide steadiness test with the purpose of evaluate the risk of relapse and an ankle stability test to assess the degree of deformation. Libra also runs a windows environment and comes with choices that facilitate users to run a photographic archive, save and print measured results.
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