Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley Delta Easytech

Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley Delta Easytech

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The product is designed with advanced technology which is clinically tested and provides heat applications where there is requirement of controlled thermal energy. This is used in case of treatment of chronic and sub-acute motor pathologies. Increase in temperature results rise in flow of blood and pain tolerance threshold, lowering of muscular spasms and enhancing of extensibility. Due to this, there is great need of integrating the hyperthermia in rehabilitation programs and combining it with therapeutic practices. The device is developed with innovative ideas of Easytech. The device is manufactured to carry out diathermal treatments automatically without regular supervision of the operator. The device is set with a system which provides measurement and controls effects. Along with providing time and period, it helps in programming of site which is to be heated. As per the pathological stage and type of tissue, the product provides adequate thermal dose. With Deltatherm a series of instruments is exclusively manufactured for regulated hyperthermia treatment.
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