Lower limb exerciser / computer-based Genu 3 Easytech

Lower limb exerciser / computer-based Genu 3 Easytech
Genu 3

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By means of exercises executed at constant speed, the device is perfect to manage and evaluate dynamic muscular force. The resistance created by the machine can be controlled and proportional to the expressed force is maintained in order to achieve utmost muscular contraction beside the entire movement range. An extraordinary system to monitor and measure dynamic muscular force is offered by the isokinetic dynamometer through its exceptional electronically controlled devices. Genu 3 is a safe and user-friendly device that is designed for regular use. The rehabilitation progress is complete monitored by the extraordinary accuracy and the electronic feedback system. The exceptional characteristic of the Easytech’s technology enables the users to exercise in hydrodynamic mode. The hydraulic actuator of the device offers this unique characteristic. Genu 3 is particularly recommended for the treatment of the knee. Outstanding amalgamation of cost, output and effectiveness is provided by the device.
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