Single-lumen implantable port Vaxcel® Navilyst medical

Single-lumen implantable port Vaxcel® Navilyst medical

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The Vaxcel® Port with PASV® Valve has exhibited results in clinical and economic fields. The PASV® Valve Technology is a proximally located valve in the port body. Benefits - It has direction-specific valve that is designed to resist backflow and maintain patency between uses. - Ports with PASV® Valve Technology have shown significant reductions in inadequate blood draws and occlusion in clinical studies. - Savings in maintenance and access time might offset acquisition costs. This could result in major net savings compared to non-valved ports. - It closes automatically after infusion, upon disconnection or after sampling. It remains automatically closed during normal pressure fluctuations. - A large septum enhances ease of access. - It has a larger target area than its nearest competitor. - It offers a lower profile than the leading competitive standard profile port. - The twist-on locking collar gives an easy-to-grip design to ease collar advancement and allow attachment. The connection helps promote secure attachment to the barbed port stem. - The trimmable, marked, thin-walled catheters have biocompatible and durable silicone or polyurethane materials.
  • Number of lumens:single-lumen