Central catheter / peripherally inserted Vaxcel® PICCs Navilyst medical

Central catheter / peripherally inserted Vaxcel® PICCs Navilyst medical
Vaxcel® PICCs

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Vaxcel® PICC is located in the catheter hub. It is utilize for demonstrated reductions in occlusion and infection rates. It promotes kink resistance to maintain flow.Printed priming volume and lumen size simplify care and maintenance. Clampless, liquor resistant extension tubes are leading to reduce the risk of damage and promote patient comfort. It has tip design which is open ended to facilitate over the wire placement. This tip is trimmable to grant adaptation, and the tip marker is leading to permit light identification of untrimmed catheter tip. The product adds a balance of plasticity and power to ease advancement. It has leading polyurethane material which instant liquor resistance for durability and convenient care. Catheter markings at 1cm increments facilitate customization of catheter length and monitoring of tip position. Patented tapered extrusion is leading to increase kink resistance and help seal entry tract.
  • Area of the body:central
  • Characteristics:peripherally inserted
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