Hemodialysis catheter / permanent / double-lumen Vaxcel® Navilyst medical

Hemodialysis catheter / permanent / double-lumen Vaxcel® Navilyst medical

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Besides enhancing convenience of care, the product, that is the Vaxcel® Plus Catheter technology improves durability to a reasonable degree. Positioning is enabled, owing to the convenient and user friendly structure of the device. This brings about a sharp improvement in the safety of catheter, apart from endorsing high rate of flow of blood. The Vaxcel® Plus Chronic Dialysis Catheter of the equipment accounts for outstanding care of patients. It has the Carbothane® Material Catheter Extrusion embedded in it, which is a tapered and alcohol-proof substance. It offers simplicity in care, versatility, durability and biocompatibility. Aiding in positioning, it enhances kink-resistance and decreases the necessities of replacement and treatment of catheter. With an extended cuff region, the improved design of polyester cuff, which the device has been endowed with, accounts for a greater surface area. Besides minimizing the chance of dislodgement, the technology of Vaxcel® Plus Catheter also increases safety in positioning. With amalgamation of outstanding materials and engineering, the 14.5 Fr shaft offers pressure v/s flow traits. This enhances efficiency in dialysis, along with the comfort of patients.
  • Number of lumens:double-lumen
  • Characteristics:permanent
  • Application:hemodialysis