Single-lumen implantable port Navilyst medical

Single-lumen implantable port Navilyst medical
Navilyst medical

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Implantable Ports with the Pressure Activated Safety Valve (PASV® Valve) Technology characterizes to provide successful results for the venous access patients. It is engineered with a valve immediately positioned to the port body, which is a specific port body design, equipped with single and dual port options with a self-sealing septum. The PASV® Valve Technology offers various features that assist in positive results for patients who require venous access. It is a 3-way design which allows fluid infusion and hence minimizes the risk of blood reflux inside the catheter lumen during the increase of central venous pressure which takes place with exercise or involuntary responses like coughing. Port body is designed in a way to offer a shape which helps to have secure seating in the pocket and integrates a gentle radius to enable flushing and decrease sludge. It is equipped with single and dual port options which offer an outstanding match to varied clinical requirements. Choice of preferred implantation approach is allowed with the Pre-attached and attachable options. Valve is isolated from the bloodstream with its proximal position.
  • Number of lumens:single-lumen