Catheter guidewire Charter™ Navilyst medical

Catheter guidewire Charter™ Navilyst medical

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Embarc Microcatheters is refines the core wire material for decisive control and predictable, consistent tip response and shapeholding memory. The Charter Guidewire is leading to resist deformation and provide decisive torque control to facilitate placement and distal approach through tortuous anatomy. Defy deformation at every turn. It has flexible and partial traumatic platinum coil tip enhances form and shape retention Proprietary Manufacturing Process. Core to tip design for pushability, decisive steering, tip control and torqueability Polyurethane Jacket with Tungsten and Platinum Coil Tip Highly visible under fluoroscopy. It has one piece construction eliminates abrupt transitions and stainless steel ground core wire. Core to tip features of this new guidewire are leading to provide the control and precision needed for your peripheral vascular needs. From one piece core wire construction for torque transmission along the central axis, to a limited traumatic flexible platinum coil tip.
  • Application:catheter