Rotary chair for vestibular testing MicroTorque DIFRA

Rotary chair for vestibular testing MicroTorque DIFRA

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As it is a necessity for electronic rotational experiments to be controlled with the best possible precision again and again, rotary chairs cannot simply be manufactured by just any manufacturing group. This is precisely why Difra is the name to trust when it comes to rotational testing chairs; and, it is exactly why the MicroTorque is one of their best products. The MicroTorque is a rotary chair designed and made by Difra. This chair, along with all of this group's rotary chairs, provide utmost quality when it comes to medical rotary chairs. This chair sports a zero-drift movement function, as well as a zero-vibration capability. This is caused by a lack of a gearbox, as well as belting. It is not easily affected by the movement of an individual sitting on it, and is highly adjustable, as well as extremely comfortable.