Rotary chair for vestibular testing MegaTorque DIFRA

Rotary chair for vestibular testing MegaTorque DIFRA

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This MegaTorque is a Vertical off axe rotation rotary chair for otolith testing. The major clinical favor of computerized rotational testing is the capacity to produce angular accelerations that can be precisely controlled and repeated. To do a VOR test, movement of the chair must be as smooth as possible and without drift to avoid a directional preponderance.The MegaTorque are positionally controlled. So there is no drift in the movement, no vibration. The movement is also not disturbed by patient's movement on the chair. Multiple stimuli of varying intensities can be applied to the vestibular system within a relatively short time. These tests grant evaluation of the vestibulo ocular reflex and the optokinetic neural pathways in a manner that is not duplicated by alternative procedures.