Robotic camera-holder arm for operating room SVR 3J Centrel

Robotic camera-holder arm for operating room SVR 3J Centrel

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The combination of 3 CCD high resolution camera and the servo-actuated zoom delivers clear and high contrast image. The device restores every minute detail with maximum chromatic fidelity. The device is equipped with high quality video signal which provides optimal connection for facilitating high quality video conferences and videos using a non-linear editing system. The camera can be easily positioned in the operating field using the horizontal arm, vertical column equipped with motorized telescopic adjustment and the pan-tilt along two axes. The entire process enables to easily film the full operation without causing any disturbance to the surgeons and medical personnel and also enables filming of deep and retroflexed fields. The complete calibration of the filming team and the control operations is done through the control console and integrating the video monitor in an ergonomic position.
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