Binocular colposcope / mobile C 43 Centrel

Binocular colposcope / mobile C 43 Centrel
C 43

For diagnosis and operation correct positioning for the observer is offered through the binocular tilted head that can be straightened upon request. The whole field offers a three-dimensional vision that offers a clear optical system that minimizes the need of focus. Thanks to a rapid and reliable examination the strong coaxial shaft of light grants the most appropriate of inspections of almost every tiny detail. To highlight vascularization a sliding green filter can be inserted. For those who wear glasses, the eyepieces offer retractable eye-cups. The device offers mechanical, stability, and handiness for accuracy. Made for either the right or left hand, the central grip allows for ease of positioning. it does not require a high yield of maintenance and it allows for rapid and smooth positioning.
  • Type:binocular
  • Ergonomics:mobile
Viale Europa, 18,
Ponte San Nicolò (PD)
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