Operating microscope (surgical microscopy) / for dental surgery / ENT surgery / mobile OM 3 Centrel

Operating microscope (surgical microscopy) / for dental surgery / ENT surgery / mobile OM 3 Centrel
OM 3

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With its 35 years tradition Centrel is granting the best optical quality and the most sophisticated mechanical accuracy in an instrument purpose-built and designed for dentistry and otorhinolaryngologist purposes. The compact design of the optical body contains a sophisticated system of lenses able to provide a stereoscopic image as bright and accurate as possible, in any detail. The symmetrical four spokes-stand, without balancing weight, and its small volume facilitate either the movement as well as a quick and safe positioning in any operating room or in different stations. The ergonomics is the main characteristic of the OM3: all main controls are within ones grasp; the double grip with adjustable inclination ensures an easy and accurate aiming of the microscope thanks to its three fixed joints and a spherical one. The binocular head, both inclined or straight, allows always the best position in any conditions of service. The instrument is equipped with two filters: a green one which highlight vascularization, an orange one which allows, for dentistry application, the natural polymerization of the hardening paste. In combination with a high resolution camera as well as a reflex digital photocamera you can have ample possibility of video photographic documentation for filing and didactical purposes.
  • Microscope type:operating microscope
  • Exploration type:for dental surgery, ENT surgery
  • Ergonomics:mobile
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