Binocular colposcope / mobile C 23 Centrel

Binocular colposcope / mobile C 23 Centrel
C 23

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The Centrel Model C43 Colposcope features an optical system whose depth of field minimizes the need for fine focusing, while providing a clear vision over the entire filed of view. This binocular system provides faithful images in three dimensions. The sliding green filter can be of significant use when there is a need to highlight vascularization. The rugged construction of the unit as a whole provides both the stability and the mechanical accuracy required to obtain the best possible imagery. The high resolution video camera and the digital camera combination is highly supportive of any requirement there may be for image documentation. Imagery can be filed and transferred to a PC for additional processing or for storage. Images can also directly transmitted to a printer without the unit needing to be connected to a PC. The Model C43 is also available in both armchair and bedded versions.
  • Type:binocular
  • Ergonomics:mobile
Viale Europa, 18,
Ponte San Nicolò (PD)
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