Rhinomanometry rhinometry system RYNOZIG MEDICA

Rhinomanometry rhinometry system RYNOZIG MEDICA

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Featuring a compact design that allows storing recording and calculation of rhinomanometric parameters such as nasal flow and nasal pressure, this kit ships with a modified gas mask, which cater to the flow and pressure transducers. This process of recording is extremely reliable and compact, and results in accurate measurements owing to the pre amplified signals within the mask. There are two types of rhinomanometric processes used in Ryno Compact and Ryno Kit namely Active Posterior Rhinomanometry (RPA) and Active Anterior Rhinomanometry (RAA). This software is compatible with Windows Xp/2000/98 and offers several types of analysis to include sigmoidal analysis and a wide range of resistances at specific rays and pressures, sinusoidal analysis and left, right graphics of the sigmoids.
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