Hemofiltration machine EQUASMART MEDICA

Hemofiltration machine EQUASMART MEDICA

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The EQUAsmart CRRT medical device is a totally integrated device and it is designed to offer the users the ultimate clarification of their requirements. The EQUAsmart encompasses 4 pumps for blood, dialysate, substitution and anti-coagulation. It is also a proprietary system for ultra-filtration control as well as it comprises of a new trolley design and other features for both incessant renal replacement therapies and plasma treatments. In order to provide a rapid and easy treatment, the EQUAsmart comes with a precise disposable kit which encloses all tubing and accessories. The tubing set cartridge features a low priming volume that provides the physician the opportunity to choose from the pre-dilution and post-dilution treatments. It gives the physicians the opportunity to decide the most appropriate size for the patient as it does not contain the Hemofilters in the kit. Furthermore, EQUAsmart has been particularly developed in order to improve the working conditions of hemofilters and to make sure their proper function at the time of treatment and to stay away from undesirable and premature replacement.
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