Leukapheresis apheresis machine LEUKOSMART MEDICA

Leukapheresis apheresis machine LEUKOSMART MEDICA

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Inflammatory bowel disease like Chron morb and Ulcerative colithis occurring together frequently with other associated diseases such as (arthritis) are all chronic diseases, if not mortal, still produces an impact in the quality of life of the patients. An estimated of nearly 0.3% of patients suffer from these chronic illness with over 0.01% growth factor of new patients which represents a huge expenditure in the health systems annually. The therapy involves long term drug administration administration of he 5-asa family (sulphasalazine, mesalazine). It provides a nwe promising therapy but with high expenditure. The therapy makes use of the monoclonal antibodies new in the market which are considered for effective results for reducing the autoimmune response and put the disease in the remission stage enabling the patients to lead a normal life. A new therapy developed from the blood adsorption of leukocyte and granulocytes is also believed to be responsible of the inflammatory responses.
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