Gastro-esophageal pH meter PH-DAY2 MEDICA

Gastro-esophageal pH meter PH-DAY2 MEDICA

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PH-DAY2 is an innovatively designed and efficiently functioning Gastro-esophageal pH meter, which will help record the values in two channels. It is fitted with pH-day2 recorder and the PH/HS software. The operator can select the sampling range from one sample per second to one sample every six seconds. Though small and compact, the device is powerful enough to store 256 Kilobytes of data. To ensure data is collected whenever patients move, sit or lie down, the device has facility for automatic recording. During the recording, the patient can record buttons related to pain and burning if he feels those symptoms. To make sure the reading can be read quickly, two LED lights are fitted into the device.
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