Resuscitation ventilator UVENT-T UTAS

Resuscitation ventilator UVENT-T UTAS

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UVENT-T ventilator is designed to provide a respiratory support to adults and children on any stage of intensive care and in a wide range of clinical situations. The user-friendly interface and auto-adaptive touch screen display visualize the patient respiratory mechanics, vital signs and ventilation support status. Thanks to its compact design, built-in turbine and batteries, this ventilator can accompany your patient anywhere within the hospital, independently of central gas and power supplies. Description UVENT-T is realized according to the respiratory station concept and integrates effective respiratory support and continuous monitoring of the patient’s respiratory mechanics and vital signs. Such features offer physicians a unique opportunity to continuously assess patient’s status and the adequacy of respiratory support. UVENT-T uses the internal flow generator (turbine) that allows to work without compressed air and by the oxygen supply of low pressure. At the same time UVENT-T operates quietly ensuring comfortable conditions for medical staff and patients. UVENT-T offers the universally recognized ventilation modes: • Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV); • Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV); • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV); • Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV). As options the most in-demand «intelligent modes» are available: • Combined pressure and volume controlled modes; • Adaptive ventilation modes based on the feedback principles.
  • Application:resuscitation
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