Patient data management system / ECG UNET UTAS

Patient data management system / ECG UNET UTAS

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The quality of health care is determined by a properly diagnosed and appropriately prescribed treatment. It depends first of all on the qualification of a doctor and secondly on the technical and pharmacological support of treatment. In fact, highly qualified specialists, especially in the narrow fields, are unlikely ever to be in surplus. Anyway, such a specialist rarely appears to be nearby at proper time. This situation vividly declares itself in the field of cardiovascular diseases which, according to the statistics, are the most widely-spread, often have serious consequences and, therefore, require a large number of highly qualified cardiologists for timely diagnosing and prescribing a treatment. Modern telemetry technologies allow not only to reduce the distance between patient and doctor, but also to obtain a qualified timely advice. UNET Telemetry System includes a set of software and hardware for receiving ECG in SCP-ECG standard from the electrocardiographs UCARD 100 by wired and wireless digital communication channels, maintaining electronic database of ECG, enhanced analysis, reviewing the dynamics of a patient status on the basis of his electronic medical records, making a diagnostic decision and sending it to the transmitting electrocardiograph or by e-mail, and for a prompt voice communication between a medical advisor and medical staff on site by Voice GSM-modem integrated in UCARD 100.
  • Application:ECG
  • Function:patient data
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