Patient central monitoring station UCS 1000 UTAS

Patient central monitoring station UCS 1000 UTAS
UCS 1000

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Bedside Monitors are connected to the Central Station via hardwire or wireless Wi-Fi interface. Measured values and up to 16 waveforms from any networked patient monitor view on one or two PC displays controlled by a single keyboard and mouse. All waveforms, numerical data and trends are available for immediate review. UM Central Station allows fast access to clinical network data, digital images, lab results etc. Monitoring data and clinical networked information is integrated to one patient record. UM Central Station detects and classifies more than 35 different types of arrhythmias. Up to 1000 arrhythmia events are automatically stored and can be reviewed for each Bedside Monitor. All arrhythmia events for previous 24 hours are stored and sorted in Arrhythmia Summary. In addition to arrhythmia analysis ST segment values for all measured ECGs are displayed. Multi- level alarm system optimize patient safety. Acoustic and visual alarms indicate the monitor in critical situation. UM Central Station allows to control and set alarm configuration of bedside monitors from the Central Station. Up to 1000 alarm episodes are stored and can be reviewed for each Bedside Monitor. Trend data for all measured values are available for all monitoring time. Available options include 96-hour full disclosure waveforms (8 channels). Significant events are marked for later review and analysis.
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