Resuscitation ventilator UVENT-M UTAS

Resuscitation ventilator UVENT-M UTAS

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Ventilator UVENT-M has all the necessary functions for providing adequate respiratory support to adults and children with any respiratory disorders both in hospital and during transportation. The device is quite easy to operate and can perform different tasks individually for each patient in any situation. Description UVENT-M uses the internal flow generator (turbine), through which a device works without compressed air and under oxygen supply of low pressure. Mobility of UVENT-M provided by compact design (weight 5.8 kg). In the absence of power supply device can operate from on-board vehicle circuit and batteries. Built-in rechargeable high capacity battery allows a mechanical ventilation for at least 4 hours, external battery pack - not less than 10 hours. Built-in rechargeable battery of high capacity enables to perform mechanical ventilation for 4 hours minimum and external battery ensures at least 10-hour operation. UVENT-M can be placed on a movable stand or mount on any suitable surface. UVENT-M provides mandatory, mandatory-support and support volume controlled and pressure controlled ventilation modes with using a highly sensitive system of self-inspiratory efforts triggering. At the beginning of the work is done a calculation of initial ventilation parameters, based on the patient's body mass. UVENT-M carries out a digital and graphical monitoring of the external respiration parameters, monitoring of hemoglobin oxygen saturation and arterial blood pressure.
  • Application:resuscitation
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