Resuscitation ventilator / non-invasive UVENT-A UTAS

Resuscitation ventilator / non-invasive UVENT-A UTAS

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UVENT-A Ventilator is designed for providing respiratory support to adults and children in intensive care unit settings and in recovery rooms. This is high class ventilator which allows providing mechanical ventilation in a wide range of clinical situations. Description UVENT-A is realized according to the respiratory station concept and integrates effective respiratory support and continuous monitoring of the patient’s respiratory mechanics and vital signs. Syringe pumps can also be integrated in this system to facilitate and optimize infusion therapy. Such features offer physicians a unique opportunity to continuously assess patient’s status and the adequacy of respiratory support. An innovative approach to flow controls in the gas supply system allows to achieve stable ventilation in wide range of gas inlet pressures. Built-in patient monitor allows to control patient"s vital signs continuously. Pulse oximetry, ECG, non-invasive blood pressureare already included in the basic configuration.
  • Application:resuscitation
  • Ventilation mode:non-invasive
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