Puncture needle BRONCHO-CUT® Expert Somatex Medical Technologies

Puncture needle BRONCHO-CUT® Expert Somatex Medical Technologies

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The SOMATEX Broncho-Cut Expert is a viable alternative to traditional surgical biopsy methods. The Broncho Cut Expert greatly assists in the planning of malignant lymphoma surgeries. It provides up to three times more cytologically useful sample material during cytological diagnostics of bronchial tract carcinomas and lymphomas. The Broncho-Cut Expert, with its 2.00 mm working channel, fits all standard bronchoscopes. Distal markings assist users in the proper orientation of the instrument. A longer than normal catheter tube results in less interference between the physician and an assistant while carrying out biopsy procedures. Other features of the SOMATEX Broncho-Cut Expert include an optimal transmission of the puncture force, safe stops in the cannula positions, and excellent transmission of negative pressures. In addition, this device can claim to be patient friendly.
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