Posture functional capacity evaluation system CMS zebris Medical

Posture functional capacity evaluation system CMS zebris Medical

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Objective determination of posture, form and mobility The CMS movement and location systems from zebris offer facilities for static spinal column and back measurements. Functional and morphological changes in the spinal column and pelvis are always related to posture and joint mobility. Assessment of these parameters must therefore precede therapy. The measuring systems enable objective assessment of the individual static and mobility conditions to be made in three-dimensional space. Documentation of the posture typology is provided for the patient in an illustrative and informative manner. It is therefore also particularly suitable for motivating patients to begin and maintain posture training on their own responsibility. An ultrasonic pointer is used to define reference points on the skeleton to provide a precise display on a PC. The measuring systems provide information on the alignment of the spinalcolumn in the sagittal, frontal and horizontal planes, and display theposition of the pelvis in three-dimensional space. Mobility typologies of the patient can be determined in flexion, extension and lateral flexion. Reference points can be entered as required.
  • Evaluation type:posture
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