Gait functional capacity evaluation system CMS-HS zebris Medical

Gait functional capacity evaluation system CMS-HS zebris Medical

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3D real time gait analysis with the measuring system CMS-HS The measuring station for gait analysis permits simple and fast analysis of all important parameters of the human gait. The measuring process is based on the technical ultrasound pulse time measurement. In this method small ultrasound markers as well as triplemarkers are attached to the sacrum, thigh, ankle and ball of the feet, on both sides of the body. Signals from the left and the right side of the body are measured simultaneously. The time segments to be analysed are interactive selected. A report is then automatically generated. In this report the kinematic standard parameters such as the joint rotations in all three planes for the hip, knee andankle joint are presented. The individual gait phases, the step length, the cadence and the average speed are evaluated. In addition motion ofthe arms, the trunk and the shoulders can be calculated. The EMG andforce data as well as the joint rotation angles are shown as normalized and averaged curves with standard deviation. A feeding unit can be used in order to extend the walking range on the floor to up to 4 meters.
  • Evaluation type:gait
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