Posture functional capacity evaluation system / wearable CLS zebris Medical

Posture functional capacity evaluation system / wearable CLS zebris Medical

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Assessment of the mobility of the cervical and lumbar spine With special triple markers based on miniature ultrasound transmitters, simple and rapid function tests can be carried out on the cervical and lumbar spinal column and on the entire torso. The measuring sensor mounted on a tripod detects the travel-time of the ultrasonic signals and transmits the results to the basic unit. During the measurement the patient makes fluent movements to his maximum mobility. The report shows the maximum mobility – the range of motion(ROM). A diagram is presented for each main direction of evasive movement: flexion / extension, rotation and lateral flexion. The quality of performance of the movements as well as all coupled movements are shown in phase diagrams taking into consideration the speed of the movements. The ability of the patient to reproduce movements or movement restrictions can be seen in the coefficient of variability. In the analysis of lumbar spinal column movements, the synkinesis between lateral inclination and pelvic rotation as well as the coordination between hip and lumbar spine during flexion/extension are shown.
  • Evaluation type:posture
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