Portable veterinary ultrasound system M5 Vet Mindray

Portable veterinary ultrasound system M5 Vet Mindray
M5 Vet

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M5vet Diagnostic Imaging System M5vet Diagnostic Imaging System has a dedicated workflow providing the best veterinary solutions with advanced technology, Mindray constantly endeavors to develop high-performance ultrasound systems. M5vet's smart interface reveals the utilizer-friendly design, aimed to facilitate workflow. M5vet combines our core values of making the easiest-to-operate ultrasound devices with the emphasis on utilizer comfort. Characteristics: - Context-based soft keys: Intuitive parameter adjustment and simple measurement. - Q-click™: Click and adjust on-screen parameters directly. - One button image saving. - Fast image optimization. - Thumbnail review during live scanning. - Editable report and print view. - Professionally advanced for Veterinary utilize. - Veterinary information management. - Veterinary body mark. - Veterinary comment. - Veterinary OB table. - Utilizer-defined measurement package. - A Commitment to Robust Performance.

Keji 12th Road, South High-tech Industrial Park, Mindray Building
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