Portable veterinary ultrasound system DP-30 Vet Mindray

Portable veterinary ultrasound system DP-30 Vet Mindray
DP-30 Vet

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The product is user-friendly and got a compact design with 12.1-inch LED tilting monitor which boots up fast within 17s. To get enhanced contrast resolution, product uses Tissue Harmonic Imaging and one-key quick image optimization is done by Image Processing. The archiving, review and retrieval of data is efficiently done with the help of integrated data storage and for covering versatile applications, it has 10 available probes. Control panel is kept free from contamination using the dust free keyboard cover and the veterinary transducers have anti-decomposing surface and enlarged cable. The product has a transducer connector, a handle, iStation, two USB ports and indicators to indicate power, battery, standby and HDD status. Software packages for measurement and calculation is embedded in the product.

Keji 12th Road, South High-tech Industrial Park, Mindray Building
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