Portable veterinary ultrasound system DP-20 Vet Mindray

Portable veterinary ultrasound system DP-20 Vet Mindray
DP-20 Vet

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To bring about efficiency in diagnosis on a regular basis, DP-20 Vet has proved its effectiveness, owing to its self-defined keys, multi-functional knob and one-key-save. With broadband transducers (including micro-convex and linear endorectal) ranging up to 6 frequencies, the equipment helps to enhance clinical versatility. To incorporate convenience for animals, a longer and surface cable has been attached. The flexibility in operation is attributed to the device's ability to tilt up to 30 degrees, coupled with its high resolution by 12.1 LCD. A fold-up control panel and convenient keyboard also add to the product's uniqueness. The lithium-ion battery, which could be recharged up to 1.5 hours, is used to provide diagnostic assistance. DP-20 Vet has two USB ports and software packages for calculation and measurement, besides a hard disk which is 320G integrated. The HDD status, standby capacity, battery and power act as indicators.

Keji 12th Road, South High-tech Industrial Park, Mindray Building
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