Portable veterinary ultrasound system DP-50 Vet Mindray

Portable veterinary ultrasound system DP-50 Vet Mindray
DP-50 Vet

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The DP 50 VET is an advance device which is quit exceptional by its design.It is Sleek and streamlined and the shape is compact. To emphasizes on mobility, the device is made quit lightweight. The 15 LCD is of high resolution and gives a better angle to view clearly. Diagnosis is made easier with the highly developed technology used here. Using the device is very easy as it provides one touch optimization in vibrant range. The device gives the accurate image of the object in every structure and size and also improve the quality of the image by adjusting the basal frequency and harmonic content. The device allows easy transfer of image to USB. The device provides a structured reporting system and superb storage system.

Keji 12th Road, South High-tech Industrial Park, Mindray Building
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