Pneumatic oxygen conserver PD1000 PulseDose® DeVilbiss Healthcare

Pneumatic oxygen conserver PD1000 PulseDose® DeVilbiss Healthcare
PD1000 PulseDose®

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For well over 15 years, Devilbiss PulseDose oxygen conservation technology has revolutionized the field of ambulatory oxygen therapy. The PD1000 PulseDose Compact Oxygen Conserving device brings about clinical attributes and operational efficiency that cannot be found anywhere else. This device includes a 3 year warranty and was made to make it through the difficulties of daily usage. This unit casing is very strong, as it is made out of Lexan impact resistant plastic. In addition, the cannula fitting is kept safe to avoid potential damage. If and when the unit needs to be fixed, this device can be serviced in the field, unlike all of the other devices in this field; it does not need to be shipped back to the company. This product is strong, light, and simple to use. The high-impact poly case prevents damages, and it has an 10LPM 02 flow.The cannula fitting can reach up to 35ft, and the flow is adjustable to increase flexibility.
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