Pneumatic nebulizer VixOne™ DeVilbiss Healthcare

Pneumatic nebulizer VixOne™ DeVilbiss Healthcare

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The VixOne is made as one of the best small-volume nebulizers to utilize. This works with sensible plans for particle production as it keeps the body controlled by keeping the medication in check and making it move into the lungs without any problems. This nebulizer is made in a reusable and disposable design and uses a latex free body. This lets medications move around without getting the neb cup open. This is used to keep a standard fitting in check. This works at a total of 84% below 5 microns. Also, at least 18% more medications are administered in this system than if a regular open system is used. The 0.7cc volume keeps medication waste in check while the medication bowl with a size of greater than 10cc will work for many therapy needs in mind. This can work at angles of up to 45 degrees and uses a sensible mouthpiece design. This is for adult and child use and has an anti-spill body plus a quarter-turn assembly design.
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