Pediatric intramedullary nail / femur TEP Medimetal

Pediatric intramedullary nail / femur TEP Medimetal

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General characteristics of the Titanium Elastic Pin's (TEP) application The Medimetal’s Titanium Elastic Pin (TEP) primarily used to treat limb injuries in the childhood. The usage of one or more nails makes it possible to keep it in an anatomically correct position. The appropriate nail is only made of titanium. The special quality of material ensures a large load-bearing capacity and flexibility. The nails are available in five different diameters, which are easy to distinguish, because of the titanium with color, and biocompatible surface. The nails can be model during the surgery, and the two types of length can be cut on demand. The design of the ends of the nails are flattened and curved, which provides a better and more secure anchor opportunity.
  • Patient type:pediatric
  • Joint / bone:femur
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