Human intramedullary nail / tibia MTT Medimetal

Human intramedullary nail / tibia MTT Medimetal

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General characteristics of the MTT (Multilocking Tibial Treatment) nail The tibia offers many indications through the diaphysis. Despite of the variable proximal locking supply, a multifunctional targeting arm helps, which is easy to use. During the operation you do not need to change the aiming attachments according to the locking directions. The aiming arm could be easily rotate to the right direction. For the right or left tibia, the same universal elements are required, only the right side of the attachment must be used. The distal targeting can be done with the support of X-ray image intensifier by hand. Design of the implants The nails are solid, thanks to their universal anatomical shape they can be applied at both sides of the tibial fracture. The bending at the proximal end could make the insertion much more easier, it fits to the intramedullary canal. Wide range of diameters is available: from 8 to 13 mm, with 1 mm differentiation. They are made of steel and titanium. For the proximal targeting we can chooes four planes, but five different directions with the appropriate setting in the aiming arm. Beside of the AP direction, anterolateral, anteromedial and medial locking directions, the dynamizing fixation can be selected. The distal locking is possible in four planes. The MTT nails can be used for very distal fractures with the two AP and two lateral distal holes placing at the end of the nail.
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