Human intramedullary nail / trochanteric Medimetal

Human intramedullary nail / trochanteric Medimetal

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The characteristics of the "Z"-type trochanteric nailing The "Z"-type trochanteric nailing has been developed primarily in the surgical care of trochanteric fractures, for some cases of the hip fractures . The system combines the biomechanical advantages of the intramedullary nailing and the traditional, proven dynamic hip screwing. Because of the plenty of length and diameter ranges it can offer an excellent surgical alternative through the upper third of femur fractures, and even for many combinations of the leg fractures. The essential component of the system is that a dynamic hip screw is inserted into the femoral neck. The hip screw is capable of fracture squeezing, but it has a dynamic behavior during the healing. The fixing screw, which is inserted in the nail, ensures both the dynamization and the prevention of the rotation of the hip screw after the surgery. The aiming device is made from a radiolucent material. Design of the implants The nails with their full range of elements can be applied for both solid and cannulated technique. The system can offer nails with 130° and 135° according to the CCD angles. The anatomical fit provides the easy insertion. The long versions are anatomically curved, they could be ordered for the right and the left femur separately. The distal ends of the nails are fitted with an oval hole for dynamization. Nails with smaller diameter "light" versions can be ordered for the slim bones. Steel and titanium material are also available.
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