Human intramedullary nail / femur Medimetal

Human intramedullary nail / femur Medimetal

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Characteristics of the tibial-, femoral-, retrograde femoral nailing For the development of the three implants has an important point of view: to create a complex set of tools which is suitable for the implantation. This is a real "3-in-1" solution which is particularly beneficial for the polytraumatical patient. There is no need of more sets, because the tibial, femoral, and retrograde femoral nails can be used too. The complex operating system allows a wide indication area for operation, with the same surgical technology. The distal aiming device can be helpful for the remote locking. The mechanical aids of the distal targeting and careful targeting steps provide a safety result. Design of the implants The anatomical bend of the tibial nail and the cannulated design provides the fit and easy installation. The oval hole of the proximal end allows also the dynamic fracture fixation. For the distal interlocking AP- and lateral holes are available. The femoral nail with the plenty of diameters provides a wide application. The four-sided locking in the upper third makes it suitable for the extended indication. For the proximal condyle locking, in addition to the usual locking hole sizes, the 6.5 mm locking screw is also available. The retrograde femoral nail is anatomically curved. Distal condyle locking with 6.5 mm screws in four planes. Proximal locking in two planes with 4.9-mm screws.
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