PCR microplate FrameStar® EuroClone

PCR microplate FrameStar® EuroClone

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Frame Star ® 2-component plates is a complete selection of high quality plates; these plates will improve consistency of PCR results; a special technology combines an extremely rigid structure (polycarbonate skirt and deck ) with thin wall tubes to guarantee optimal results in PCR experiments. The two-component design guarantees optimal mechanical stability and eliminates any distortion with the advantage to improve the integrity of the seal. Several studies have demonstrated that the high thermal stability of Frame Star ® Plates compared to the one piece polypropylene plates eliminates any risk of sample evaporation indeed the excessive thermal expansion may have a damaging effect on seal integrity. Moreover the rigid structure of the plates is ideal for the use with robotic instruments such as stackers and liquid handling robots. Plates are moulded by injection of clear virgin polymer, the entire process is carried out in a clean room facility. Well integrity and absence of contaminants is 100% guaranteed, each single well is tested for leakage and contaminants such as human DNA (genomic DNA free), nucleases and PCR inhibitors. Plates have been tested with success on most automation platforms: Hamilton, Beckman, Tecan, ZymarK. EuroClone offers a complete portfolio of PCR plates with full skirted semi skirted and non skirted plates; with 96 or 384 wells. FrameStar ® Plates are available with purple, blue, red, green, clear and black frames, all with clear tubes. In addition we offer plates with white tubes optimized for fluorescence assays.