Cytogenetic automatic sample preparation system AUTOCHROME EuroClone

Cytogenetic automatic sample preparation system AUTOCHROME EuroClone

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Autochrome is a robotic dispenser for automated processing of chromosome preparations from adherent cells cultures, in particular amniocytes and chorionic villi samples. Through a flexible software the equipment allows to mechanically reproduce all the manual operations required on chromosome preparation steps: hypotonic treatment, prefixation and fixation step. Autochrome is specific for the treatment of amniocytes and chorionic villi in situ culture, performed in the most used supports in laboratories. The effective filters and ventilation system combined with the manufacturing according to the European electrical safety standards guarantees safety for the operator. The syngergic use of Autochrome together with Optichrome assures not only time saving, but also standardization and high quality results in chromosome preparation, suitable for more reliable, easy and quick routine karyotype analysis.
  • Applications:cytogenetic