Chemical fume hood / laboratory SafeHood Series EuroClone

Chemical fume hood / laboratory SafeHood Series EuroClone
SafeHood Series

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SAFEHOOD SERIES Plug&Work FUME CUPBOARDS: The new generation of ductless fume hoods for personal and environmental protection Chemical decontamination of the air exploits the properties of charcoal obtained from coconuts and activated by a process using steam at high temperature. The finely porous active carbon has a structure criss-crossed by millions of minute channels and an enormous exchange surface, about 1300 square meters per gram. Safehood Activated charcoal filter fume cabinet- no need to discharge the air outside the workroom. Easy access to the work area through a sliding front panel with safety dampers. Alarms for low air flow and wrong window position. Air speed intake electronically adjusted for optimal containment of fumes. Constant monitoring of filter saturation by electro-chemical sensor with alarms. Preset for fitting safety filters for exhausted air. Available in three models featuring 75, 120 and 165 cm working width