NIBP simulator BP Pump 2 Fluke Biomedical

NIBP simulator BP Pump 2 Fluke Biomedical
BP Pump 2

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The BP Pump 2 provides dynamic blood-pressure simulations for testing adult and neonatal noninvasive BP monitors, including both arm- and wrist-cuff types. The analyzer features a preset mode for simulation of most patient conditions and the capability to program user-defined simulations. BP Pump 2 tests for leaks, measures static pressure, generates pressure, and tests overpressure valves. For improved testing versatility, the analyzer’s recently upgraded waveform test suite includes additional physiological selections. BP Pump 2 comes in two models: the standard BP Pump 2L and the BP Pump 2M, which features a high-accuracy pressure transducer. BP Pump 2 also includes an optional five-lead ECG test capability.
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