CT scan test phantom / head 76-606DX ATOM MAX Fluke Biomedical

CT scan test phantom / head 76-606DX ATOM MAX Fluke Biomedical

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The 76-606DX ATOM MAX Diagnostic Head Phantom is a standard of reference for diagnostic radiology of the head. The phantom is designed to assist technical and clinical staff in the selection, monitoring, training and verification of scanning parameters common to most radiological procedures requiring fine anatomical details. The 76-606DX provides a consistent tool for researchers, clinicians and technologists. It is ideal for determining optimum system settings, commissioning new equipment, monitoring system performance and training in dental x-ray, panoramic x-ray, CT, and cone beam CT procedures. The phantom includes an adjustable stand for positioning within a cone beam CT or panoramic x-ray system. The jaw of the phantom is slightly opened and front teeth are vertically aligned to replicate correct positioning with a bite guide. Please note that an actual bite guide can not be positioned in this product.
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