Medical gas flow analyzer VT305 Fluke Biomedical

Medical gas flow analyzer VT305 Fluke Biomedical

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Simple. Portable. Efficient. The VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer is the quick and easy way to test medical gas flow and pressure devices. It is more than just gas flow meter; it analyzes the performance of a wide variety devices and multiple ventilator parameters. Examples of these gas flow meter or pressure-producing devices are: endoscopic insufflators, anesthesia machines, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices. Their versatility is part of what makes them the test tools of choice for healthcare quality and safety professionals. The VT305 features internal sensors to make connecting to medical devices a fast and easy process. The four-button front-panel control makes switching to the best view of measured data simple. Onboard graphing capabilities allow users to view waveforms right on-screen, and measurements (numeric and waveform data) can be stored on the unit’s 2 GB SD card with a simple button-touch. Users can upload these measurements to a computer for viewing or printing using the included Windows-compatible utility program.
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