Nerve monitor ISIS IOM portable Inomed Medizintechnik

Nerve monitor ISIS IOM portable Inomed Medizintechnik
ISIS IOM portable

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The ISIS IOM portable system can be used in all situations. It has a compact design with a telescopic handle for easy transport. It can fit easily in any operating theater. It can be used right away after following a couple of steps. Apart from being easy to handle, it has all the features to cover all requirements in neurophysiological monitoring. It can be utilized in general neurosurgery (cranial nerve monitoring during a skull base procedure, MEP and SEP when there is an anuerysm, phase reversal and cortical mapping in a central tumor and epilepsy surgery, and spinal cord and nerve roots compression). It can also be used in ENT surgeries (monitoring of facial nerve in a parotid surgery, monitoring of auditory and cranial nereve when acoustic neurinoma is removed). Functional neurosurgery procedures such as deep brain stimulation (DBS) and micro electrode recording (MER) can likewise benefit from the ISIS IOM portable system.
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