Nerve monitor C2 Inomed Medizintechnik

Nerve monitor C2 Inomed Medizintechnik

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Switch on. measure, and protect define this, the recently introduced C2 Nerve Monitor. Conducting peripheral nervous system measurements is only slightly more complicated than switching the unit on is as far as device operation is concerned, as user friendliness is the key. The switches and buttons clearly indicate the functions the monitor is designed to perform. Both visual and audible presentations of EMG signals are provided while a search is being conducted using stimulation and recording probes. The C2 NerveMonitor was specifically designed to identify and protect nerve paths during certain types of surgical intervention. These include thyroid surgery, parotid surgery, cochlea implantation procedures, and surgical interventions in both the lumbar and cervical regions of the abdomen. If patient data is input using a barcode scanner, the C2 NerveMonitor will automatically set up the necessary measurement parameters based on information that has been stored in predefined programs.
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