Mobile cryosurgery unit C3 CryoSystem Inomed Medizintechnik

Mobile cryosurgery unit C3 CryoSystem Inomed Medizintechnik
C3 CryoSystem

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The C3 CryoSystem provides pain relief. Cryosurgery can provide prolonged pain relief lasting longer than relief brought about by simple cooling. The C3 CryoSystem is useful in treatment of chronic pain in the spine area. The C3 CryoSystem can be used in post-discectomy syndrome, post-nucleotomy syndrome, peripheral neuralgies, epicondylitis, post-amputation pain, neuroma pain, trigeminal neuralgia (TIC douloureux), post-thoracotomy syndrome, symphathetic pain, insertion myodentinosis, hip joint periarthropathy and u.a.m. The C3 CryoSystem is used in cryoanalgesia, in which the exact localization of the affected nerve by visual control and electrical stimulation is done. This is followed by icing at approximately – 65° C, the freezing causes disintegration of the nerve axon but leaves the connective tissue intact. Over time the normal performance returns as the nerve is able to regenerate along its original pathway. Thus the patient becomes pain free, after this treatment further treatment like physiotherapy can be done.
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