MyoSure® Tissue Removal Suite

MyoSure® Tissue Removal Suite

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The MyoSure tissue removal procedure is a hysteroscopic treatment that targets and removes uterine tissue, including fibroids and polyps. This can enable many women suffering with abnormal uterine bleeding symptoms caused by polyps or fibroids to be effectively treated without having to undergo major surgery. For women who would like to have children in the future, the MyoSure procedure may be a treatment option to consider.

How it works

The MyoSure procedure is simple and efficient, and it can be performed by a doctor in his or her office. The procedure typically takes between 15-30 minutes to complete – it’s quick!

Hologic offers a suite of MyoSure devices to resect and remove tissue, including a range of fibroids and polyps.

The full suite of MyoSure devices offers a solution for removing tissue of varying sizes and in a wide range of locations, allowing providers to choose the right device for the right procedure.

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